Level 2

The level 2 beds are hot, they will help you get a dark tone and maintain it with just 3 visits per week.


Level 2 Bed
Free* With a Level 2
30-Day Unlimited Pass
  • The Bed is included with the
    L2 30-Day Unlimited Pass
  • $5 Upgrade with a Level 1 30-Day Unlimited Pass ($49/Mo*)
  • Included with a Level 2 30-Day Unlimited Pass ($99/Mo*)
  • included with a Level 3 30-Day Unlimited Pass ($159/Mo*)
  • 30-Day Packages include the bed levels equal or less to the package level. Higher bed levels have a discounted upgrade price. There is no startup fee. The package starts the day you buy it and runs for 30 days. You can skip weeks or months between packages (you don't have to renew every month). Package cannot be shared.
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