Sun Spot Tanning Salon

Mystic Tan Unity

Currently the most advanced automated spray tan in the market

  • Automated Voice instructions
  • Sensor based Position Tracking guides you through 2 spray positions
  • Easy to use Standing position plates
  • Magnetized spray tan System ensures a perfectly even spray tan
  • Fixed Pivoting Spray Nozzle
  • Heated Booth – Booth heats up before a session for comfort
  • Smart air Circulation
  • Choose from 12 shades
  • Accelerator – speeds up tan development
  • Bronzer – Instant glow
  • Scent – choose between fresh and summer Dream


  • First Bronzer Coat Included
  • Accelerator Included
  • Light Tan: $30
  • Medium Tan: $35
  • Dark Tan: $40


  • Bronzer (Second Coat): +$5
  • Moisturizer: +$5
  • Scent (Up to 2): +$2 each (First scent is an ambient scent, the second scent stays on you)

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